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  1. Rhinowares Hand Grinder v3

    Rhinowares Hand Grinder v3
    The Rhinowares hand grinders were the very first product we designed and made at Rhinowares. I think we've sold every hand grinder on the market and knew the problems with hand grinders at the lower price range. So we designed our hand grinder with fixing these issues and keeping the price very attractive. As we sell more and more we...
  2. Coffee Cupping

    Coffee Cupping
    Coffee cupping, made simple. Coffee cupping is the evaluation of coffee beans post-roast. This is typically a professional solo practice; however, it is popular across many barista events internationally. When coffee has been harvested from the plant, Coffee Cupping splits the beans into categories during the filter process. This helps us differentiate beans that have a low-quality taste, and those...
  3. 10 smart ways to use coffee beans at home.

    10 smart ways to use coffee beans at home.
     1. Make Cleaning Items  Coffee has been proven to remove dirt and rust from solid material. Mix your grounds with hot soapy water to help unclog sinks, clear cooking pans and clean your stained surfaces. You could then take this a step further and make some disposable coffee cleaners to drop down your sink. For this you will need: 1...
  4. A Gift Guide

    A Gift Guide
    A Gift Guide for Coffee Collection Lovers Many of our products have really pleased our customers over the years, and we always strive to supply the most pristine equipment to ensure you get quality coffee, every time. But now that Christmas is approaching, I think you might agree that sometimes it can be a bit confusing when you’re deciding what...
  5. The Perfect Coffee Equation

    The Perfect Coffee Equation
    Coffee + Maths = Delicious Scientists have been seeking the answer to the perfect coffee brew for some time now, and it so happens that when you combine coffee, mathematics, and a hint of science together, you’d suspect that you might get a very interesting outcome. Well that’s what William Lee at the University of Portsmouth and Kevin Moroney at...

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