Filter Papers

A coffee artist isn't worth anything without filter papers. They may be the least fancy of all the coffee brewing accessories, but they may just be the most important. They work hard to ensure your coffee is beautifully smooth and aromatic without any added extra surprises, such as the remnants of the coffee beans at the base of your mug. Because of this extremely important task, you should make sure you have only the best when it comes to filter papers.

Here at Coffee Hit, we have an extensive array of options for you to try from coffee paper filters, cloth filters, white filters and brown filters. Feast your eyes on our selection and make your choice from several different high profile brands such as Toddy, Hario, Filtra and Aeropress.

Our prices start from as little as just £3.89, and despite the amazing affordable prices, know that you won't be compromising on quality when you shop with us. We have carefully selected all the products across all our categories to ensure we are providing you, our customer, with the finest choice around.

A number of our filter paper options are reusable, which is a god send if you're utilising them on a regular basis, and is both good for the environment and good for your wallet! Our bulk filter paper offerings include a BUNN selection of 500 which would be a brilliant purchase for a coffee shop, restaurant or better still for an unashamed coffee addict!

The cloth filters we retail are from Hario and come with three in each pack, which again is incredibly useful for any level of coffee connoisseur.

So, while they may not be the most beautiful, they are most definitely important when it comes to putting together your coffee empire, so don't delay, pick up a few from us today and start your coffee adventure the right way!