First Edition


A delicious espresso blend, full of rich chocolate, caramel, and gentle plum fruit notes. Perfect for espresso or as the base to any milk drink. Equally suited to a home machine or busy coffee shop. First Edition will be your go-to coffee.

A combination of naturally processed Brazillian coffee from Cerrado Mineiro to give body and chocolate notes, alongside a flavorsome washed Colombian coffee from Tolima to give complimentary fruit notes.

Each coffee in First Edition could be enjoyed on its own, but together is where the magic happens bringing sweetness and balance.

Suggested Recipe

First Edition is roasted to be forgiving. The first place to start is with a traditional recipe - 18g of coffee to 36g of espresso in 28-32 seconds.

Our personal recipe is 19g of coffee to 40g of espresso in 30 seconds to bring the fruit notes out.

Bag Size: 250g