Etzinger etz-1


We not just wanted to simplify manual grinding by aiming for ease of use, we also wanted to further focus on the grinding part itself, more specifically the burrs - the core of each and every grinder.

Based on our RRB-mechanism (Rotating Ring Burr) with its AS-Jig, initially introduced years ago when launching SETTE (Baratza) and etzMAX, Etzinger now sets new standards in manual grinding .. with a fresh design available in two versions (Trim & Regular), retractable crank w/ ergonomic handle, magnetically attached lid and collection cup as well as a single-piece absolute vernier scale.

Rotating hollow shafts to eliminate disturbing center mechanics ensure for your etz-I to be quickly filled and ready-for-use. Thanks to the external vernier scale (identical point of reference for all grinders), it`s really easy to adjust and to return to your setting after cleaning. Opened with a flick of the wrist (literally), swiftly cleaned and reassembled without any tools or screws, this is what etz-I is all about. Although not totally necessary but nice to have, is the retractable crank ensuring for space-saving storage thus enabling users to easily stow and pack the grinder - or to just show it off next to the coffee machine.


- Retractable crank (125mm when extracted) 

- Ergonomic handle: 3 fingers only (use respective indentations)

- No axle (rotating hollow shafts)

- Easy CCW-turning 

- Externally adjusted (88 settings à 0.02mm)

- Swiftly cleaned, opened (with a flick of the wrist) and reassembled

- Anti-Static-Jig

- Retention: +/-1g (depending on roast level and setting)

- Perfectly cutting 32mm burrs for smooth grinding with a minimum of fines