Scottie Callaghan Dosing Tools 3 Piece Set

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Scottie Callaghan (Australian Barista Champion 2010, 3rd place at World Barista Championship 2010 & Latte Art World Champion) developed the Dosing Tools to give baristas flexibility control and a reference point when dosing with fresh coffee.

The Dosing Tools were developed for Baristas who have found the need to adjust their dose consistently across different machines baskets portafilters and coffee types helping to minimise variables in producing great espresso.

This set includes pieces with curve graduations from -1 through -10.

Home users can also use the tools to achieve better consistency in their coffee to improve the quality of their espresso.

The idea behind these is threefold.

- Allows baristas to dose more coffee than what a flat tool yields

- Makes for faster dosing as there is less time spent collapsing

-Ensures an even grind distributionSome baristas like to dose more coffee in the basket.

To do this instead of sweeping/scooping coffee out of the filter basket after collapsing they sweep a mound using their curved finger. The negative sweeps are designed with these baristas in mind so that they can achieve the same result with increased consistency and cleaner hands.When dosing using the SC Dosing Tools baristas collapse the handle many times - often times up to 10 collapses in total. A negative sweep allows a barista to collapse less - only once or twice - and achieve the same dose as the positive sweeps. Fewer collapses means faster dosing saving time in busy periods.There are also some baristas who feel that when collapsing many times the separation of the smaller grinds and larger grinds in the basket is increased. The negative sweeps allow the barista to only collapse once or twice and avoid this.

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