January 17, 2023 2 min read

5 Must Have Accessories for Your Cafe to Save You Time and Money and Serve Better Coffee

Are you struggling to keep up during busy periods in your cafe? Are your customers dropping out due to the wait time? Is this costing you money?

Some simple and cost-effective accessories can save you time and money.

Seeing money walk out the door is no fun. Watching your baristas struggle to keep with demand is stressful.

Here are 5 Must-Have accessories that will save you time and money and stop you from losing customers during your busiest times of the day.

1. Pitcher Rinser

Positioned right next to your espresso machine, it allows the barista to clean and drain milk pitchers on the go. Your customer gets fresh, clean milk each time and your barista is ready to steam and pour, not washing and wasting time.
Pitcher Rinser

2. Pro Milk Pitchers

Do you see your baristas tipping milk all day long, thinking that's money down the drain? Get some milk pitchers with internal volume lines. These allow the barista to pour the exact amount of milk they need for the drink or drinks they are about to make. Even if this saved you 5% of your milk costs, you can quickly work out this is a significant saving.

3. Coloured Milk Grips

Do you serve different types of milk or even non-dairy milk? Save 100's of seconds each day as your barista try to work out which pitcher is for which milk. Ensure consistency and reduce the risk of mixing up dairy and non-dairy milk.

4. Knock Chute for Coffee Waste

A simple chute that sits in your counter and above your bin. Thus giving a huge capacity for your coffee waste. No more wasted trips emptying your waste drawer. Just empty once a day at the end.

5. Cloth Set

You need to be able to clean on the go. Having a cloth for every job is essential. If you use the same cloth then it's easy to cross-contaminate. And then you need to go get a new cloth each time. Having a cloth or 2 for milk wands, a cloth for coffee grounds and a cloth for the espresso machine and surface around the machine is ideal.

Using some or all of the above tips will save you money. So think about adding these to your bar area today.