January 17, 2023 2 min read

Pour-over coffee involves freshly ground coffee, a filter, and hot water. Sounds simple? It is, but like all coffee methods, the results can vary wildly depending upon the conditions and constituent parts involved.

While you can produce excellent pour-over coffee very simply, a pour-over device gives a more reliable and consistent result, and we have selected our favourites.

Hario V60

The Hario V60 ceramic dripper is an innovative and stylish pour-over dripper with a large hole at the bottom, spiral ribs on the inside, and a fairly steep wall. All these elements help in producing a great cup of pour-over coffee in less than four minutes.

As an effective and sustainable alternative to paper filters, the new Able Kone Mini for V60 is the first reusable stainless steel filter designed exclusively for the Hario V60 and is very easy to clean.


The Chemex one cup brewer employs chemically correct methods for pour-over brewing. Its attractive and eye-catching hourglass-shaped flask is made of glass, which does not absorb odours or chemical residues. The neck of the flask also has a sleek wooden collar.

An Able Kone reusable filter is also available for the Chemex, giving you an excellent sustainable alternative to disposable filters.

Clever Coffee Dripper

The innovative and newly-improved Clever Coffee Dripper is another well-engineered one-cup brewing gadget. Simply add hot water and steep the grounds for two or three minutes. Then a clever one-way valve allows the coffee to exit the vessel when placed on top of your mug. 


The high-quality Stagg [X] Dripper features a vacuum insulated body, steep sloping design, and unique hole pattern for an excellent pour-over result.

The tasting glass made from handblown borosilicate glass has a flared lip that delivers coffee to the front of your tongue for more flavour. The set also includes a pack of 20 filters.

It’s all in the grind

As with all coffee styles, a great pour-over starts with freshly ground beans. We have a wide range of manual and electric coffee grinders which can cater for all tastes when it comes to the perfect grind. Make sure you follow the instructions in the user manual with your brewer.

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