January 17, 2023 2 min read

Part of the enjoyment of great coffee is in the brewing itself - the fine art of the grind and pour takes you to new heights of coffee appreciation – and that’s before we’ve even tasted it. And while brewing delectable coffee is indeed an art – there’s also a science to doing it well.

While any Tom, Dick or Harry can make an average cup of coffee – making an exceptional cup of coffee requires a little something special. Which brings us on to the star of today’s show.


The Nucleus Paragon is the latest coffee brewing gadget from Nucleus Coffee Tools, founded by Nucleus was founded by World Barista Champion and coffee professional Sasa Sestic.

The Paragon (paragon meaning excellence) does more than live up to its name - bringing next-level brewing to the comfort of your own home. This visually intriguing contraption (no, really – it even looks like a science experiment) elevates your coffee’s flavour by capturing more volatile aroma compounds – AKA, things that help us to taste a variety of flavours  – via their unique Paragon chilling rock technology. For more information on what these nifty little compounds are, check out the Nucleus video on this topic.


Paragon brings with it years of research by Professor Chahan from the Coffee Excellence Center in Switzerland into just how much the role of volatile aroma compounds matter when it comes to the flavours we can perceive when drinking our favourite brew.

In fact, this research has found that coffee brewed with extract chilling (the technology behind the Paragon) retains 40% more volatile aroma compounds than that brewed without – capturing flavour that would otherwise be lost to the environment, thus maximising flavour potential.

The Paragon’s chilling rock helps to disperse your coffee in a thin layer, capturing more volatile aroma compounds in your brew – meaning a more flavoursome beverage.

And if you’re worried that it won’t mesh with your current pour-over – don’t be. The Paragon has been designed to work with a pour-over of any size or brand.

Available to pre-order now with stock expected from the 23rd January 2023, this state-of-the-art brewing technology is a must-have for every bean worshipper who wants to take their brewing game to the next level. But you needn’t wait until the new year to order yours – pre-order today through Coffee Hit and save 5% in the process! Coffee brewing excellence, and a saving – win-win!