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Brewing a great cup of coffee is a very personal experience. That’s why there are always so many options in your favourite coffee shop, but no matter whether you are brewing a flat white for one or americanos for everyone in the office, there’s a coffee grinder and brewer set up that’s going to feel like a custom fit.

Coffee grinders come in various shapes and sizes and we always recommend buying a burr grinder (a blade grinder is just a blender in disguise). The same can be said for coffee brewers. Just like your coffee grinder, you are looking for something that will give your coffee its optimum taste, avoiding sourness and bitterness.

Manual Brewers and Grinders

Manual brewers are the perfect way to make coffee for one or two people, avoiding extra waste. They are also fantastically tactile, giving you the opportunity to manually brew your coffee.

Alongside this, they are relatively inexpensive, with simple glass drippers costing the equivalent of just a few cups of Flat White. This makes them a great choice for people who are just beginning their coffee brewing journey. Combined with an artisan kettle, designed to create an optimum brewing temperature and a slow pour, a glass dripper is a traditional and classic experience.

Another classic manual brewing option is a French press, elegant and perfect for sharing your blend with someone else, the brewing process is easy and enjoyable. The Fellow Clara French Press is a stunning piece of design that avoids all the spills that you would normally expect from its rivals and is insulated to keep your brew warm.

But how will you grind your beans? With a manual method of brewing, it makes sense to grind your beans manually. That way you can feel kinetically connected through every step of the process. Hand coffee grinders are space-saving bits of kit that are perfect for any budding barista. And some are specifically designed for manual brewers. For example, the Rhino Small Hand Grinder was created with AeroPress users in mind.

Electric Brewers and Grinders

Electric brewers are great if you need to make more than one cup of coffee, so they are perfect if you regularly entertain, if your household loves coffee as much as you do, or in a work environment. The Bonavita One Touch 8 Cup Coffee Maker is approved by the Speciality Coffee Association and can brew up to 1.3 litres of coffee, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout. 

Alongside your electric brewer, you’ll probably want to nab an electric grinder and there is a wealth of best-in-class electric grinders on the market. The Fellow ODE Grinder won best new product at the 2021 Speciality Coffee Association awards, so it makes the perfect companion for the Bonavita One Touch.

No matter whether you choose manual or electric, your grind and brew will be as individual as you are. To discover more about the latest coffee grinding and brewing news, exciting new products, and hints and tips, sign up here.

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