January 17, 2023 2 min read

If you’re looking for a quality coffee hand grinder to pack in your case this summer, then look no further.

The Comandante C40 Mk4 Nitro Blade Hand Grinder is the epitome of German design and engineering.

Designed and made in Munich, Germany, the Comandante C40 Mk 4 combines scientific analysis of grind quality with handcrafted and selected components, making it the ideal hand grinder for any coffee lover.

Comandante’s attention to detail is out of this world, from only using hand-selected wood for the outside of the grinder to years of dedicated research and development at their inhouse coffee lab - each component intricately created for an optimum coffee grinding experience.

It's all about the extras

Comandante grinders are designed and built to last. The company makes and supplies spares to keep your grinder looking and grinding at its best. As an example, the wood that coats the Comandante C40 Mk 4 Classic and Premium models is sanded and oiled three times and the solid oak handles are sourced from the Black Forest, so it makes sense that they would release a Wood Care Balm Set.

The team’s experiences as expert coffee roasters, regularly travelling for business, led them to introduce a travel bag crafted from high-quality cotton and Italian leather and with enough space for travelling baristas to store all their treasured grinding equipment. For travellers with less luggage space, Comandante’s Felt Sleeveuses Merino wool to keep grinders safe from knocks and scratches.

Upgrade for espresso

Understanding that budding baristas like to experiment with their grinds, Comandante has also released the Red Clix Upgrade Kit so you can fine-tune your grinding for espresso.

The Comandante is in high demand – with purchases currently limited to one per customer. Grab yours while stocks last.

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