January 17, 2023 2 min read

The overcrowded countertop – a sight familiar to many committed home baristas… From your electric grinder, and your kettle to your many gismos and gadgets, it doesn’t take long before your idea of a ‘minimalistic kitchen’ disappears out the window. The biggest culprit of some serious space hogging? Well it’s none other than the mighty espresso machine. Because while these bits of kit are up there on the specialty coffee equipment checklist, their footprint can be on the larger side – especially if you want something that’s half decent. Fine if you have a huge kitchen to work with – less so if you’re strapped for space.

But what if we told you there was a way for you to get the exquisite espresso you’re after and save on that space you’re in short supply of – all without compromising on quality?


Far from its small size hindering performance, the Sage Bambino comes equipped with all you need to produce fabulous specialty coffee from the comfort of your own home. Neatly packaged in a small 26cm tall and 32cm deep frame, it’s roughly 3cm narrower and around 5cm shorter than its slightly larger sibling, the Bambino plus, perfect for squeezing into even the smallest of kitchen nooks.


You might be concerned that such a small machine could struggle to keep up, lacking the manpower of other larger, more expensive machines – but due to its thermojet heating system with PID temperature control, you should have no such worries. Reaching optimum brewing temperature in 3 seconds flat, this small but mighty machine will waste no time when it comes to pouring your perfect espresso, delivering water at exactly 93°C for perfectly balanced flavours in record time.

Likewise, you can enjoy silky, velvety microfoam milk created with powerful steam pressure in a matter of seconds. Practically instantaneous, the steam wand takes no time at all to deliver hot water or steam, making it exceptionally quick for you to knock up back-to-back favourites, from exquisite flat whites to delicious cappuccinos.

So, if you’re short on space and like the prospect of stress-free espresso from an easy-to-use manual espresso machine, then the Sage Bambino will come up trumps.

At £329.95, it’s a fraction of the price of larger espresso machines, and is certainly more than capable of turning your kitchen into a one-stop specialty coffee shop. Great for everyone, especially those just starting out on their espresso journey this compact bit of kit would be a great addition to your home barista bar.


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