January 17, 2023 1 min read

Mixing Up Dairy and Non-Dairy is a Massive Risk

In the news, lately has been the risk of food allergies and the risks for retailers in getting these wrong.

One of the biggest risks is dairy. It's extremely important we don't serve dairy to customers who are allergic to dairy.

Most of us now serve a non-dairy option. Whether its Oat, Almond, Soy or any number of options available. The key aspect is keeping these dairy and non-dairy options separate. In a busy service, it can be easy to use the wrong milk, or use the wrong milk jug.

Rhino Coffee Gear has a number of solutions that will help you and your hard-working staff easily distinguish which milk pitcher is for dairy and which is for non-dairy.

Milk Pitcher Grips
Milk Pitcher grips are silicone grips that go over your handle of your milk pitcher. They are available in 4 colours and 3 sizes. They fit all makes of pitchers. A really simple and cost-effective way to keep dairy and non-dairy separate.

Coloured Non-Stick Milk Pitchers
These double-coated non-stick milk pitchers come in various colours and sizes. Use a dedicated colour to indicate non-dairy milk. Something like black or blue really stands out and says to your staff and customers "Hey, I'm different" and reminds them it's for a specific purpose.

Anything that helps your team quickly differentiates dairy and non-dairy is a must. Look at your set up now and ask "Are we at risk?"