January 17, 2023 2 min read

The Specialty Coffee Association awards – regarded as the Oscars of the coffee world – recently announced its winners for 2021. It was Fellow’s much-admired Ode coffee grinder that stole the headlines.

Ode’s Best New Product gong means it is officially the best electrical bit of domestic coffee preparation kit on the market. It is an accolade many coffee lovers saw coming.

What sets the Odeapart is its versatility. Pour-over, French press, cold brew – the Ode has perfected them all. It’s efficient, quieter than most grinders and the sleek, compact design with matte black finish makes it a simply stunning addition to your kitchen.

But don’t let the minimalist look fool you – Fellow has packed in the features to bring that café experience directly into your home. The 64mm stainless steel flat burrs are the same quality as what you could expect to find in a coffee shop. They bring grind times right down while increasing particle consistency,  key to a fantastic tasting cup of coffee.

Smart motor design for exceptional grinding

The Odehas 31 grind settings, and switching between them is a piece of cake. The smart motor design exposes every bean to the same force and speed for consistency. The ultra-convenient auto stop feature means the grinder shuts itself off when the last bean has been ground, meaning no deafening, spinning-on-empty racket.

Fellow has ditched the bean hopper on the Ode to save space, allowing you to grind just what you need for your brew and not leaving your beans exposed to oxygen, which can quickly turn them stale.

No scales required

You don’t need a set of scales either – ratio aid dots measure 20g, 40g, 60g, or 80g of beans while pour fins provide a smooth transition of the grinds into your coffee brewer.

If all of that wasn’t enough, a variety of clever features rarely found on domestic machines cement the Ode’s place at the top of the grinding tree. For example, a magnetically aligned catch helps keep the machine clean while the knocker clears any remaining grinds out of the chute, ensuring none of your coffee dose is left behind.

At Coffee Hit, we’re big fans of the Ode, which you can buy here. We are also official UK distributors of the wider range of Fellow products, which combine super-cool design with simple, no-nonsense functionality.

See where the Ode stacks up against other coffee grinders.

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