January 17, 2023 2 min read

We've been boiling water since we lived in caves. The electric kettle was invented around 1891.

Now Brewista has come up with some beautiful Digital kettles for 2019!

If you love making great coffee or tea and would like to have control over the water temperature then the Brewista kettle range is for you!

Loaded with lots of really cool features it would make the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. And one for yourself!

Choose your next favourite Kettle.

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To get the most out of fresh coffee, you need the right temperature and a slow, even pour to maximise flavour. And your standard kitchen kettle’s not quite up to the task. Our artisan kettle collection has been hand selected by our team based on quality, simplicity of use and functionality. Awesome style comes as an added bonus.  

The kettles we sell have been specifically designed with specialty coffee brewing in mind. The models in our collection are from industry leaders including Brewista, Bonavitaand Fellowand aim to give you a controlled, accurate pour that will help you pour evenly and slowly, allowing maximum extraction of flavours and aroma, reducing risk of bitterness by over or under saturating the coffee.


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