January 17, 2023 2 min read

Freshness is key

The key ingredient to any excellent coffee brew is high-quality, expertly-roasted freshly-ground beans, prepared and enjoyed as quickly as possible.

Straight from the bean, to grinder, to cup – that’s the way to enjoy coffee at its best. That’s why we recommend investing in a coffee grinder for your kitchen. Check out our recommendations for this year’s best manual and electric grinders.

Oxygen: the enemy of coffee!

As soon as beans are roasted, they begin to oxidate (meaning that they absorb oxygen, which adversely affects their taste and aroma).

Roasted beans are therefore quickly packed into airtight bags, halting this degeneration process. However, once the beans are ground, the coffee will oxidate very quickly on contact with air, becoming stale, unpleasant and unusable.

Is it possible to store freshly ground coffee?

Most coffee experts recommend grinding only the amount of beans you need for each brew, to ensure the freshest authentic coffee shop taste every time you want it.

However, it is possible to store excess ground coffee if you have an excellent airtight storage container. We recommend the Fellow Atmos Storage Jar for this purpose.

Stylish and functional

Available in stylish glass or stainless steel and in a range of sizes, this clever product uses a vacuum feature to suck the air out of the jar, keeping your coffee fresher for longer. The Atmos Jar removes air, moisture, and odours from inside when you simply twist the lid back and forth and it will also look great on your countertop.

In addition to storing coffee beans or grounds, you can use this innovative jar to store other perishables, such as biscuits or dried fruit.

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