January 17, 2023 2 min read

At Coffee Hit we love new innovative products that help our customers make their job easier. Allowing them to concentrate on making amazing coffee and providing fantastic service to their customers.

I'm going to list what new equipment I feel is necessary in todays coffee bar environment:

  1. Pitcher Rinsers - Most coffee bars will have 2-4 milk pitchers around the espresso machine for steaming milk. On a busy bar making 200+ coffees a day thats a real workout for the pitchers. As the jugs get used they heat up and milk forms a crust on the inside and outside becoming unsightly and unclean. The heat makes it more difficult to steam lovely textured milk. This is because you have less time to texture the milk. Throw in orders for non-dairy milk such as soy and maintaining the cleanliness of your pitchers becomes really important. Pitcher rinsers quickly allow you to clean and freshen your pitchers. Installed next to your espresso machine it can also act as a drain for left over milk.
  2. Knock Chute - Getting rid of used coffee pucks is something you will do a lot of so its worth getting it right. The best solution we feel is to cut in a knock chute. Once cut in you place a regular bin underneath. This allows you to have a very large capacity for used coffee. Also by placing your grinder just behind the chute any stray grinds will fall into the bin. You can also sweep around the grinder and straight into the chute and your bin.
  3. Corner Tamping Mat - Best way to tamp your coffee in your portafilter is on the edge of your counter top. This keeps the spouts off your counter top and from picking up stray coffee grinds. It also keeps your portafilter steady while you tamp your coffee. The downside is can ruin the edge of your counter and mark or scratch your portafilter. The rubber corner mat fixes this. A must have for coffee businesses.
  4. Mini Scales - These scales are perfect for weighing out grind dose when setting up your grinder and testing the dose weight throughout the day.  Accurate to 0.1g they are perfect for weighing your espresso shot to get the correct brew ratio.
  5. Bar Towels - Espresso machines expel water and steam and the best tool to clean up spills is a bar towel. These are great for cleaning up spills and cleaning portafilters and filter baskets. A clean espresso machine and coffee area means better, more efficient workflow and ultimately better tasting coffee.
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