August 17, 2023 3 min read

August is national coffee month in the UK, and we thought it would be a good idea to provide a bit more information around the captivating world of coffee and coffee equipment.

Life Cycle of the Coffee Bean

Firstly, let's take a brief look at the lifecycle of the coffee bean.

From Seedling to Sapling

The journey begins with a miniscule coffee seed, cocooned at the core of a mature coffee cherry.

Blossoming and Growing

Next, the coffee beans embark on a journey of growth. They are nurtured carefully until they grow into young saplings.

Flowering and Harvesting

As the saplings grow, they display fragrant, white blossoms, and then transform into vibrant cherries, which mature through various shades of red and yellow.

Processing and Roasting

After the harvest, the beans undergo meticulous processing to remove their outer layers and reveal the hidden green gems inside.

You can find out more about the process in our blog post about the lifecycle of the coffee bean.

With all that being said, why not try some delicious coffee of Ethiopian origin? Shop Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee.

Coffee Brewing Methods

Now let's move on to the different methods of coffee brewing.

Shop Coffee Kettles

We think a kettle is not just for boiling water; it's a tool for precise brewing and pouring.

Our favourite coffee kettle is the Fellow Stagg EKG kettle. This popular kettle is sleek and known for its precise temperature control and stylish design.


Manual Brewing Options

Manual brewing methods like pour-over and AeroPress rely on manual control, which gives you full control over the brewing process.

The AeroPress is a legendary piece of coffee equipment. Compact and versatile, this coffee maker brews smooth and rich coffee quickly.


Shop Espresso Machines

Embark on a journey into the world of precision brewing and rich coffee experiences with an espresso machine. Through propelling pressurised water through finely ground coffee, espresso machines capture and encapsulate intense flavours and aromatic oils.

The Sage Dual Boiler is a high-performance espresso machine which features dual boilers for precise temperature control, making it a firm favourite among coffee enthusiasts.


Coffee Grinders

Next, let's move on to coffee grinders! While you have your roast and blend sorted, the way coffee is ground makes a big difference to how that coffee tastes.

Shop Hand and Electric Coffee Grinders

Looking for that perfect grinder? Find out more about some of our best-selling hand and electric coffee grinders below.

Comandante X25 Trailmaster Hand Grinder

The latest grinder from Comandante is new for 2023. Legends in the coffee grinding game, Comandante's latest grinder is versatile, portable and has adaptable grind settings with a durable construction.


Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2

A Coffee Hit favourite, the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 features new Gen 2 brew burrs for more precision, and offers an array of user-friendly adjustments, ensuring that each grind is tailored to perfection.


Baratza Encore ESP

The Baratza Encore ESP provides dependable and accurate grinding. The 40mm M2 conical burr incorporates a swift-release mechanism, simplifying cleanup and maintenance.


Rhino Tall Hand Grinder 

The Rhino Tall Hand Coffee Grinder is the perfect tool to guarantees a ready supply of wonderfully fresh coffee grounds, enhancing the flavour of your brew to the fullest.


Tools and Accessories

Now let's move on to perhaps one of the most underappreciated areas of coffee-making - tools and accessories!

Coffee Scales

Accurate coffee scales are key for measuring the perfect coffee-to-water ratio every time.

The Brewista Smart Scale II (2Kg/0.1G) is a precision coffee scale designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a capacity of 2 kilograms and a sensitivity of 0.1 grams, it offers accurate measurements crucial for achieving the perfect coffee brewing experience.



Milk thermometers are indispensable instruments for achieving the ideal milk frothing and steaming temperatures in coffee and espresso preparations. With their accurate temperature readings, these thermometers help baristas and home enthusiasts create perfectly textured milk to ensure consistent quality in every cup of coffee.

Whether you're a professional barista or a coffee enthusiast brewing at home, the Rhino Digital Set Temp thermometers will assist you to consistently achieve flawlessly steamed milk every time. 


Premium Coffee Cups

Similar to how fine wine merits the ideal glass, your coffee warrants a cup that elevates its unique traits. Crafted with coffee enthusiasts in consideration, our premium coffee cups provide the ideal vessel to enjoy all the nuances of your favourite brew.

Crafted by adept artisans in Italy, our Ancap coffee cups are meticulously shaped from the finest porcelain, embodying unparalleled quality. 

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