January 17, 2023 3 min read

There’s nothing quite like brewing your own coffee in the morning. The captivating smell is as much of a wake-up as the fresh flavour hitting your tastebuds.

Home coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, incorporating different methods to extract that perfect brew. There is the perfect coffee maker out there to suit any budget and kitchen size. From electric coffee makers to drippers, presses, and cold brewers, each system has its own benefits.

We guide you through the different types of coffee maker so you can make an informed choice.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are responsible for that traditional coffee shop barista sound. They work by pushing water that is close to boiling point through a puck of ground coffee and portafilter. The result is an espresso that can be used as the base for coffees like lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos. Coffee Hit is a major fan of La Marzocco and we have been selling their iconic handmade espresso machines for over 10 years.

Electric Coffee Makers

Electric coffee makers like the Bonavita One Touch distribute heated water in a filter through a wide showerhead for even flavour extraction. They’re great for making more than one cup of coffee, so are ideal for office spaces as well as home use. The Bonavita One Touch is Specialty Coffee Association approved and features an insulated stainless-steel carafe, meaning you can keep your coffee warm for longer.

Coffee Drippers

Coffee drippers are a simple and effective way of making great coffee for one person at home. They basically work by filtering water through ground coffee directly over a cup. Many coffee drippers can take 3-4 minutes to create a delicious brew, but the Clever Coffee Dripper works slightly differently.

The Clever Coffee Dripper lives up to its name with a clever shut-off valve system which only releases your brew once it’s placed over your cup. This allows for a much better extraction and stops your cup of coffee going cold so quickly. The design of the Clever Dripper also means that you can pour the water in all in one go instead of having to pour slowly over minutes, so you can do something else while your cup of Joe is brewing.

If you’re looking for a drip brewer that can make more than one cup, the Chemex 6 Cup Wood Collar Coffee Maker is the ideal addition to your home brewing set-up. Its stylish and simple good looks have featured in movies and museums, making it a real talking point over coffee.

AeroPress and Delter Coffee Press

The AeroPress and Delter Coffee Press are great for making a strongly brewed cup of coffee on the go. They work by pushing pressurised water through the coffee grinds using a vacuum. Basically, you add fine grounds and a filter to the bottom of the press, add water (preferably around 85c), insert the plunger, and push down slowly.

The AeroPress and Delter Coffee Press are excellent if you want a quick and simple cup of coffee for one, or if you regularly make coffee on the go.

Don’t take their simplicity as a reason not to try them. AeroPress brewers are loved by coffee makers around the world and there’s even a World AeroPress Championship.

Cold Brew Systems

Cold brewing means that your coffee grounds never meet any heat. Instead, the grounds steep in cold water for a longer period of time (about 12-18 hours) before you can collect and drink your brew.

Using a cold-water brewer gives you a smoother cup of coffee that’s easier on the stomach as it contains 2/3 less acid. And, the bonus is that your cold brew will be refreshing, floral, and contain significantly more caffeine!

French Press

When many of us think of morning coffee, the French press always comes to mind. Then there are memories of messy pouring and grit caught in teeth. Thankfully, the Fellow Clara French Press has removed all the agitation from pressing coffee. With an all-directional pour lid (meaning fewer spillages) and an enhanced filtration system (no more sludge and silt at the bottom of your cup, it produces a full-bodied brew that will stay warm for as long as you need it.

Are you thinking about taking the plunge to become an at-home barista? Check out our blog about the best coffee grinders for 2022!


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