January 17, 2023 2 min read

Do you ever wish you set your electric grinder to ‘silent mode’? We’ve all been there – you’re first up and you want to crack on with your morning brew but you’re all out of freshly ground coffee. Problem is, your electric grinder risks waking your nearest and dearest - for whom no amount of coffee could soothe.

What if we told you this manual grinder has all the conveniences of your favourite electric grinder?

Welcome to theEtzinger etzMAN!

Say hello to our newest addition to the Coffee Hit grinder family - the Etzinger etzMAN – the first manual grinder to grind directly from hopper to portafilter! This incredible bit of kit does away with cables, waste and noise – not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly environmentally friendly, using absolutely no electricity whatsoever! It enjoys low to no static, is easily adjustable and comes equipped with suction feet to ensure excellent stability when in use on smooth surfaces.

Best of both worlds

If you like the look of electric grinders then you’ll be pleased to know this takes pride of place on your kitchen counter in the same way your favourite electric grinder would – but instead of using a motor to grind your beans, you use what the coffee gods gave you – muscle.

Don’t be put off by thinking this sounds like hard work – the engineering on the etzMAN is so precise that it makes the whole process a piece of cake.

And if you wondered why you’d use a manual grinder over an electric – there are actually advantages of this method of prepping your beans. Burrs turn a lot slower when ground by hand compared to that of an electric motor and as a result there’s no heat transfer from the burrs to your morning brew. This means the flavour and aroma of your coffee is better preserved - leading to an even tastier brew.  

Grinding from the finest espresso right through to the coarsest French press is a doddle for this manual coffee grinder. From its phenomenal performance to its top notch environmental credentials you’ll want to take a closer look at the etzMAN which will keep your morning brews incredible, and your housemates sound asleep!

We love this grinder – it’s made our top 9 for 2022 and it’s sure to make yours too, so what are you waiting for? If you want to get your hands on this brilliant grinder - check it out here.

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