January 17, 2023 2 min read

We’ve all been there – that moment you curse the white shirt choice of the morning. It was going so well. You’d brewed yourself the perfect coffee, decanted it into your Fellow Carter Move Mug, but when you went to take a sip on the go, you spilt it down your favourite - you guessed it - white shirt… Day. Ruined.

If you love the Fellow Carter Move Mug but want an easier way to sip your brew when you’re on the move, then you need this nifty add-on.

The Fellow Carter 360 Sip Lid

Introducing the Fellow Carter 360 Sip Lid – turn your Carter Move Mug into a convertible with this open-top Sip Lid - the perfect addition to your on-the-go coffee must-haves. No more mess, no more spillage, no more soiled white shirts. Just pure style and functionality.

Special touches

  • Designed with multi-tasking in mind, the 360 Sip Lid does exactly what it says on the tin. With an opening on all sides you can be sure to sip with one-handed confidence from every angle. This also allows for a more all-encompassing coffee experience with full aroma access. You don’t sip from a tiny hole at home, so why should you be forced to while out and about?
  • While not leak proof like the Carter Move lid, the 360 Sip Lid is splash proof. The built-in magnetic splash umbrella sits neatly inside the lid creating a barrier between unwelcome mess caused by movements, like casual gestures or sudden stops, and your fresh white shirt!
  • If you’re worried about cleaning, you needn’t be. This beauty’s magnetic splash umbrella can be snapped in and out for ease of cleaning so there’ll be no more of that stale smelling reusable bottle funk you might have experienced in the past.

The Carter Move Mug comes with the option of the 360 Sip Lid, but if you already have the Carter Move Mug with its original lid and would rather not buy a whole new one, you can grab the 360 Sip Lid by itself for just £9.99. The perfect accessory giving you the option to switch it up depending on what you need your mug for.

Is it time for your coffee and white shirts to live in harmony once more? We think so.

You can get yours here.

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