January 17, 2023 2 min read

Hello Coffee Lover,

On the hunt for a new electric grinder? We thought we’d show up in your inbox to give you the lowdown on two of our most popular grinders so you can see how they fare against each other.

Fellow ODE Brew Grinder

First up on our bestseller list is the Fellow ODE.

Coming in at £299 the ODE is not only visually stunning but provides a fantastic grind too. It even won the industry version of an Oscar at the Specialty Coffee Association Awards!

Scoring a whopping 4.76/5 on our customer reviews many said it’s the best grinder they’ve ever used.

Equipped with 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, the 31 grind settings aren’t to be sniffed at. The ODE provides a café barista experience at a fraction of the price of other models. It is efficient and quiet too - making it a perfect choice for home use.

Baratza Encore Grinder

Next up is the Baratza Encore – receiving high praise in many web reviews. With a price tag of just £159 it packs a punch with 40 grind settings ranging from fine espresso to coarse French Press, so you won’t be left wanting with this beauty on your kitchen counter. The Encore boasts an 80oz clear grounds bin so you’ll never grind more than you use. Wave goodbye to waste when it comes to the precious bean. With another huge satisfaction score of 4.72/5, the Encore is regularly applauded for its ease of use and versatility. Hailed as the go-to entry-level grinder there’s not much you won’t love.


And the winner is…

It’s a tough choice but with nearly identical, fantastic review scores we’d say it’s an even match! Choice may likely come down to your budget and brew preferences. Both are phenomenal grinders that will take your morning brew from good to excellent with little effort involved. Happy grinding!