January 17, 2023 2 min read

Your trusty Baratza grinder has been grinding up your favourite beans ready for your morning brew for years but times change, technology moves on, and you can't help wondering what else is out there now…

The thing is, you're keen to stick with a brand that's served you well and that you know and love. We get it.

That's why we're offering Baratza owners the perfect solution – an upgrade to a newer model.

That's right. We will BUY your old grinder from you. We will take any Baratza grinder, in any condition. Yes, even if it's broken!

We'll make it simple for you to get the latest in grinding gear from Baratza.

Whether you've set your heart on the Virtuoso Plus, Sette 30, Sette 270, Sette 270Wi, Vario, Forte or the Encore, we have a trade-in offer for you.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Baratza UpGrade page on our website
  2. Check what Baratza grinder you have now
  3. Select the model of Baratza grinder you'd like to purchase
  4. Pay the amount shown. (The price shown is the difference between what we offer you for trade-in and the cost of your new grinder.)
  5. Our team will send you a pre-paid return label to post back your old Baratza grinder to us (UK Customers only)
  6. Once we receive it, we will ship out your brand new grinder complete with a new 12-month warranty.

The table below displays the trade-in value you can expect to receive for your old grinder when purchasing the following:


Trade-In Value







Sette 30


Sette 270


Sette 270W





So now you can afford to upgrade and stick with a reliable brand you know and love. Don't forget to share this offer with your Baratza-loving friends too.

Refurbished Baratza grinders

Grab yourself a refurbished Baratza bargain at Coffee Hit. We are official Baratza UK, and Ireland distributors and our Baratza-trained technicians refurbish models for resale at great prices. We give all refurbed grinders a thorough service, replacing any worn or damaged parts. All our refurbed grinders come with a new 12-month warranty.

Be quick as these refurbished Baratza grinders don't come up often and nor do they last long!