January 17, 2023 2 min read

While creating the perfect cup of Joe involves top quality coffee – having top quality grinding kit doesn’t go amiss either… Yes, your roast and blend might be second to none, but how does your coffee apparatus compare?

How your coffee is ground makes the difference

With the right grinder you can take your coffee brewing experience from mediocre to exceptional in a few short steps. But there’s a lot on the market, and you’d rather be sipping delicious coffee than scouring the web researching grinders, right? That’s why we’ve hand-picked our top 3 electric grinders to elevate your home brewing to save you precious sipping time…

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

A fantastic, versatile grinder with a price tag that won’t cost the earth. With 40 grind settings you can easily adjust anywhere from espresso to a coarse grind like French-press. And as Baratza parts come with a 2-year warranty and repair service you can be sure you’re getting reliability and efficiency.

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Baratza Forte Grinder

For those a little further on in their specialty coffee journey – the Baratza Forte is the one for you. Often used by the pros this grinder boasts a huge range of capabilities. With a 54mm flat ceramic burr, the option to grind for dosing or on demand, and the easy-to-use touch screen that allows you to dose by weight or time – this bit of kit has everything a home barista needs.

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Fellow ODE

Hailed by New York Magazine, The Strategist as ‘incredible’ the ODE is everything your kitchen counter’s missing. Fast, reliable, and stylish, this easy-to-work grinder comes with 31 grind settings and a magnetic cup to catch the grounds so you can reduce waste and grind consistently good coffee every time. Kitted out with 64mm flat burrs and a smaller hopper making for perfect positioning under your kitchen cupboards – while ODE may be smaller than many, it is also mighty!

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Getting a great grind is the first step in enjoying delectable coffee. Don’t settle for less!

Happy grinding!

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