January 17, 2023 3 min read

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be pondering a last-minute getaway to boost your spirits and give yourself a well-needed break before the inevitable craziness of the season begins. Or perhaps you’ve got plans to go away for the Christmas period itself.

But as great as a weekend away or Christmas in a cosy new location sounds, the idea of drinking instant coffee sachets from a hotel room, Airbnb or your Nan’s kitchen cupboard probably sounds more like a staycation from hell than a relaxing getaway. Because – let’s face it – being away from your kitchen means being away from all your favourite coffee brewing gear – a living nightmare in itself.

But you don’t have to put up with terrible quality coffee just because you’re away from home. All is not lost! There is a solution that means you can enjoy your holiday whilst still sipping on your favourite cup of Joe that’s been brewed to perfection, just the way you like it. And we’re here to bring them to you…

Here are our top 5 coffee accessories all coffee lovers should be packing in their staycation (or vacation) suitcase this season:

  1. A hand grinder – you might have a state-of-the-art coffee grinder, such as the Baratza Sette 270 Grinder or the Sage Smart Grinder Pro at home, but unless you’re up for travelling, well, heavy, then these bad boys are likely to be staying put. As a result, you’re likely to be looking for something a little less, bulky. We love the Rhino Small Hand Grinder for all our travelling needs. It may be small, but we can assure you it is mighty and is perfect for grinding coffee beans at any point on your trip, making it the perfect travel companion. It comes complete with its own carry case and has been designed specifically to work in harmony with your AeroPress Coffee Maker (more on that later!)
  2. Coffee grounds storage jar – the Comandante Polymer-Glass Bean Jar is the perfect travel solution to storing your beans in when travelling. This lightweight jar comes in a variety of colours and is a safe and gentle way to store your precious coffee beans. They are relatively small though, so if you’re away for a little longer you might prefer to look at the Fellow Atmos Coffee Storage as it comes in a variety of different sizes so you’ll never run out of your favourite brew! These are also great for keeping your coffee fresh by locking out the oxygen so there’ll be no stale holiday brews for you.
  3. AeroPress – there are many reasons we recommend the Rhino Small Hand Grinder as the grinder for your travels, but as mentioned earlier, besides its functionality and compact size, it can also grind coffee straight into the AeroPress Go Coffee Maker. This handy bit of kit has been specifically designed for coffee lovers on the go, and comes in an even more compacted form than the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Whether you’re off to the Alps, hiking in the mountains or setting somewhere a little warmer, the AeroPress and Rhino Hand Grinder will have you brewing in the great outdoors with ease. Fabulous coffee with a fabulous view – what could be better?
  4. Travel Mug – is there any point going to all this effort to take your coffee with you on your holiday if it can’t leave your room? You might enjoy a bit of the ‘getting back to basics’ feel, but you’ll still need something to sip from! And that’s where the Fellow Carter Move Mug comes in. This sleek mug looks fabulous and has a built-in splash guard, meaning no spills on those hiking expeditions we mentioned! The Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug also makes a great travel mug, as it keeps your coffee warm for 12 hours – or your cold brew cold for 24 hours, depending what type of holiday you’re on.
  5. Good quality coffee – there’s little point in investing in decent coffee gear if you aren’t going to invest in the quality of the coffee you drink. And here at Coffee Hit we have the perfect solution to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best brews in town – do we ever let you down?

So, there you have it! 5 essentials you need to be inviting along for your seasonal getaway this year. Say goodbye to instant coffee sachets from your hotel room. Say hello to your favourite brew wherever you go – because it’s never time to compromise on coffee.


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