December 19, 2023 1 min read

Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini

Get ready to elevate your festive celebrations with a Christmas twist on the classic Espresso Martini! Our Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini recipe is a delightful upgrade, infusing the iconic cocktail with the warmth and sweetness of the holiday season. Readily available ingredients will work or we have some tips on a couple of fancy upgrades!

35ml Vodka*
25ml Cacao Coffee Liqueur**
15ml Cointreau
15ml Orange Juice
60g double espresso***
5g sugar****

Dash orange bitters

Pro tips:
For this recipe, vodka* can be interchanged with white rum. We tested this recipe with a limited edition Double Cacao Coffee Liquor** from Mr. Blacks, which really helps bring that hit of chocolate- you could also use Kahlua + Chocolate syrup. For the espresso*** pull the shot nice and long (eg 18g coffee in your portafilter and 60g espresso out), this helps with the texture of the drink! 5g of sugar**** this can be a simple syrup, honey, vanilla syrup, orange syrup, agave, maple syrup, chocolate syrup- Whatever you have on hand!

Shake everything in a cocktail shaker with a generous amount of ice. Shake hard and don’t spill it! Fine strain into a frozen coupe, a wine glass, or frozen jam jar would also work! Top with coffee beans or an orange twist and enjoy!

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