January 17, 2023 1 min read

Coffee Hit is delighted to announce that we are an official distributor of Nucleus Coffee Tools.

Nucleus Coffee Tools is the brainchild of 2015 World Barista Championship winner Saša Šestić and aims to help baristas and coffee enthusiasts elevate their coffee to the next level through ultimate coffee extraction.

Šestić said: “Nucleus is the centre of everything, just like the coffee bean, something that connects each one of us. I have been obsessed by keep chasing the perfect coffee bean my entire life. And I think I always will be.

“And that really drove me to start working in collaboration with so many farms from all over the world, and innovate fermentation and processing techniques.”

Šestić introduces the range in these videos below:


Discover Nucleus Coffee Tools


The NCD v3 is a coffee distributor – or coffee stamp - with a cross-arm base coated with an advanced, static-reducing coating to eliminate build-up coffee grinds on the base. The top disc acts as a ‘lock’ and when turned anti-clockwise, allows the base to be adjusted higher and lower. Cross-arm base; has advanced static-reducing coating to evenly distribute coffee prior to tamping, creating even and consistent extractions.

See the product.