January 17, 2023 2 min read

We are delighted to have a new roaster on our books – welcome to Press Coffee & Co.

Press and co coffee

You’ll never get bored of your beans with Press Coffee & Co, which focuses on sourcing a wide range of coffees of the highest quality from the finest coffee-producing countries around the world.

Press Coffee & Co is the latest roaster to join our coffee subscription platform which brings together the UK’s finest artisan roasters to offer Coffee Hit customers an easy way to access delicious seasonal coffees you might not otherwise know existed.

Quality is everything at Press Coffee & Co and they have Arabic Q Grader on their professional team. Certified Q graders are highly knowledgeable individuals who are subject matters experts in specialty coffee, and ensure only the finest beans are purchased. They make their selections based on coffee profiles and production/processing methods, coffee origins, and more.

From espresso roast to filtered roasts, Press Coffee & Co have an exciting range of roasts available to buy, each with different fruity notes.

Press Blend is available in 250g or 1kg as whole bean or ground ready for pour-over or drip coffee makers. This Brazilian and Ethiopian medium roast coffee works best as espresso and has Brazil nut, vanilla and green apple flavours.

Or you might prefer a lightly roasted coffee perfect for filter coffee. With an apricot jam, bergamot and jasmine taste, the Ethiopia Bombe is available in 250g bags as whole bean and ground.

Press & Co Coffee

Peru Pesbitero is best for filter coffee and offers flavours of nutmeg, coconut and tamarind.

Colombia Yacuanqueris light and fruity with tones of Black Tea and Panela – an unrefined cane sugar. Coffees from this region are prized for their creamy bodies, and sweet red fruit notes.

And the Myanmar Green Land Estate is perfect for espresso with hints of star anise, green apple and date.

Press Coffee & Co London established in 2013 when they opened The Fleet Street Press with a vision of redefining the café experience. They now have multiple locations across London and opened their own roastery in Herne Hill in 2019.

You can explore the latest coffees from this roaster here.

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