January 17, 2023 2 min read

What a great question! I guess in a nutshell its a balance between convenience and taste.

That is how much time do you have in the morning? Is it grab and go or do you have 5 minutes to make a brew?

Then balance that against taste. You still want a great tasting brew!

Quick, quick, quick!

Do you need to grab and go your coffee? Don't have 5-6 minutes to make a brew?

We have a plan for you! We can get you brewed and out the door in under 10 seconds! Quicker even that instant coffee! Trust us!

For this, you will need a Brewista SmartPour Digital Kettle. This will allow you to set the time the kettles comes on to heat the water to your exact temperature. It will then hold this temperature for one hour. Have to be out the door at 7.30? Set it to come on at 7:00, at a temperature of 96c, to hold for one hour. That's water sorted. Easy!

Next, grind your coffee the night before. Whilst not ideal it's OK were not going to judge! Grind 14g at course setting.

Now for the magic. You will want an Espro Travel press. This updated version of the simple travel press is genius. Tip your ground coffee into the Espro Travel Press the night before and place the lid on to save some of the aromas and flavour.

Morning Time!

Right we're running late! Simply take the lid off Espro Travel Press, fill with your pre-heated water and go!

The great trick with the Espro Travel Press is you can plunge on the go. You jump on the train with seconds to spare. Plunge down the filter on the Press and it will keep the ground coffee sealed at the bottom so you don't end with coffee grit in your mouth.

We did it, 10 seconds! Did you ever doubt me?!

Woah, woah, woah I have time

So the above may fill you with fear. You are more relaxed and chilled in the morning. If this the case you have options, many options.

I'll just describe some of my favourite brew methods for my morning routine.

  1. My go-to method: Clever Dripper. A simple, clean way to make a good mug of brew. Key is great coffee, fresh water at 95c and 2 minutes 30 seconds. Perfection! 
  2. If I'm feeling this morning is going to need a lot of coffee ill brew up 1 litre on the Moccamaster. Also allows me to share a brew with my wife or work colleagues.

Hope this guide inspires you to make delicious coffee no matter how much time you have.