January 17, 2023 1 min read

It's strange but the shape and feel of a cup can change the way I perceive the taste of my coffee!!

I love a big mug of brewed coffee, no milk or sugar. I couldn't dream of drinking this out of small cappuccino or tea style cup and saucer.

I also love a Flat White, I couldn't have this out of a thick diner mug. It has to be a 5-6oz cup.

And coffee out of a tall glass has always been strange to me.

Imagine having your espresso out of a 12oz tea cup! 

Our range of cups at Coffee Hit reflects my drinking preferences and cup choices. We only stock 2 12oz sizes. That's the largest we do.

I love all the cups we sell and I have a real soft spot for the American Diner mugs. They took me ages to find the original manufacturer in the States. But totally worth it.

Why not get some great cups and mugs for your loved ones this Christmas.