January 17, 2023 2 min read

Why Coffee After Dinner?

Coffee is a great drink anytime of the day, and a lot of people love a coffee after dinner. 

So why do people have coffee after dinner? Most people prefer coffee in the morning to give them a kick start to their day. But lots of people are now having coffee after a meal in the evening after their dinner.

Here are some reasons why people enjoy a coffee after dinner

1. Makes Digestion Faster

Coffee certainly speeds up digestion. If Yule had a large meal , a cup of coffee can help speed up digestion and get everything moving a bit quicker.

2. Alternative to Dessert

Some people may not like dessert or are being careful with sweet food due to health reasons, so a nice cup of black coffee helps them continue their meal whilst others tuck into dessert. Coffee is very few calories and black coffee nearly zero. So coffee is great alternative to sweet trite at the end of a meal.

3. Pick Me Up!

After dinner you can get that post-dinner blues. You're full and start to feel a bit sleepy. Coffee time! The caffeine will give you a boost to get your through the rest of the evening.

4. Tradition

In a lot of European countries they will typically have espresso or strong brewed coffee after a meal and if everyone is doing it you might as well join in. 

5. Keep the Good Times Flowing

At the end of the meal you may just want to jeep the conversation flowing and there's no better drink than coffee stimulate conversation.

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