Fellow Atmos Coffee Storage


✅ Keeps coffee fresh for longer
✅ Removes air, moisture, and odours to keep tasting fresh
✅ Simple twisting motion locks out oxygen

Great coffee means FRESH coffee. And the primary way to keep your beans from losing their flavour and punch is to keep public enemy number 1 – aka oxygen - away from them.

So if you want to avoid a rough brew you need the Fellow Atmos Storage Jar collection in your life.

This smart Atmos jar banishes air, moisture, and odours from inside with a clever vacuum feature to stop your beans from ageing out before you’ve enjoyed them.

Simply twisting the lid back and forth sucks the air from the jar to prevent oxidation and extends the shelf life of your coffee beans by up to 50%.

The Fellow Atmos coffee vacuum canister storage jar collection comes in two style variations -  Stainless Steel or Glass – and both ooze the usual timeless elegance you can expect from Fellow. There are also several sizes to choose from so you can choose the container suited for the amount of coffee you brew.

These robust jars are built to withstand the test of time and are also perfect for other perishable products, such as biscuits or dried fruit.


0.4L - Holds 140g of light or dark roast coffee
0.7L - Holds 250g dark or 315g light roasted coffee
1.2L - Holds 385g dark or 455g light roasted coffee

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