Rhino Pro Milk Pitcher

Pitcher Size

Rhino Coffee Gear Barista Pitchers made for Baristas

Rhino milk jugs are designed from the ground up - approached from the baristas perspective. This unique view allowed Rhino to take the standard milk jugs on the market to the next level - with the Rhino Pro Milk Pitcher.

Less Wasted Milk. Better Drinks.

Rhino have added a cool feature on the inside of the pitcher that reduces wastage and re-heating old milk giving the customer fresh steamed milk every time. The unique etched volume lines give the user a reference point to fill the milk pitcher so there is a real reduction in wasted milk and better portion control. This means every customer gets freshly steamed milk for their drinks. Imagine if you save even 5% of your milk wastage. Plus your customers get better tasting drinks. Everyone wins!

Great Build Quality

The Barista range of pitchers is made from 1mm thick 303 stainless steel. This gives the barista more time to control the milk steaming resulting in better-textured milk and more beautiful latte art, as well as amazing quality feel. The Rhino Pro Milk Pitchers have all been tested and are Certified Food Safe.

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