Fellow Pourover Kettle - Stagg Design for Perfect Pouring

Discover the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

The Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle is a premium kettle combining the very best of functionality and aesthetics. A stainless-steel gooseneck meets a black matte design to help you create a statement in your kitchen, with the perfect pour coming from a fluted precision spout and counterbalanced handle for ultimate precision.

What the Fellow Pour Over Kettle Is Used for

The Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle is the answer to hot beverages. Specifically built for barista-grade pour-over or filter coffee, you can track temperature with a built-in, brew-range thermometer and consistently achieve the perfect cup.

Key Features

Precision Pouring

Flow rate is effortless thanks to a precision pour stout. This helps you achieve a precise, steady pour with the ideal overflow rate.

All About Balance

A counterbalanced handle shifts the centre of mass closer to your hand as you use this Fellow Pour Over Kettle. The result? A flawless, effortless pour.

Top-notch Materials

304 18/8 stainless, polished steel comprises this fantastic addition to your kitchen. High-grade and beautiful to look at, this kettle is available in a luscious matte black.

Precise Temperature Control

A brew-range thermometer enables you to achieve the perfect brew temp of between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius or 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Professional Piece of Kitchenware

This brilliant kettle was used by the U.S.A. and Dutch Brewer’s Cup Champions in 2016, meaning you can bring a gold standard to your at-home coffee.

Product Specifications for the Fellow Stagg Pour Over

  • Stainless steel body.
  • BPA-free, polypropylene lid.
  • 1 litre capacity.
  • Compatible with gas, electric, and induction heat.
  • Dimensions: 25.91 x 13.34 x 15.88cm.
  • Weight: 476.27g.
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