Bruer Filter Disc


The Bruer Standard Coffee Filter Dispersion Disc has been specifically designed to help improve your brewing method. This reusable stainless steel filter disc replaces the use of your existing paper filters when using brewing devices like the Bruer, Aeropress, and Delter Press. 


- Reuseable, just rinse and wipe after your brew is finished and you're ready to go again.

- No need to pre-wet, will not give you any taste associated with paper filters

- Lets through some of the oils that would normally be filtered out when using paper filters

- Made from Stainless Steel

What's the difference between the Standard Disc and the Fine Disc? 

STANDARD DISC (BRUER-DAP1): Slightly thicker grade than the Fine, more rigid and difficult bend, the standard disc yields a fuller cup as it allows more oils into the cup due to the slightly larger hole diameter. 

FINE DISC (BRUER-DAP2):The fine disc produces a very sweet and clean cup, retains a lot more of the fines than the standard especially once you have adapted your brewing style to suit the slightly restricted flow.   

Note: Package Contains 1x Bruer Disc

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