Rhino Needle Tamper 58mm

 The Rhino Needle Tamper in Black features a 58mm coffee tamper base with a built-in needle distributor within the handle. The durable, stainless steel base is professionally weighted and suits industry standard 58mm portafilters. Once you've added your ground coffee to the filter basket, simply unscrew the top of the tamper handle to access the built-in needle distributor. Once you have evenly distributed your coffee grounds within the filter basket, replace the needle distributor in the tamp handle, and tamp your coffee bed as normal. 


  • Dual function 58mm tamper with built-in needle distributor
  • Professionally weighted tamper
  • Needle reduces clumping of coffee grounds
  • Reduces channelling in the filter basket


  • Tamper Size: 58mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel base
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