Rhino Thumpa Bin Liner (100)

Thicker and Stronger! These liners are made using recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

These bag liners make removing used coffee grinds as easy as putting out the garbage. Heavy-duty bags lift straight out of the tube and are easily disposed of without mess.

Roll of 100 bag liners to fit the Rhino Thumpa Floor Standing Knock Tube.

FAQ: Sometimes when a bag becomes quite full a vacuum may form underneath making it hard to remove the bag from the tube.


1. Drill a couple of holes in the base of the tube. This prevents the vacuum from occurring.

2. When emptying, tie the top of the bag up in a knot and lay the tube on the ground.  The waste settles to one side reducing the vacuum effect, making it easier to slide the bag out.  This method is also easier on the back.

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