Coffee Waste Bin: Rhino Deluxe Knock Box for Easy Coffee Puck Disposal

Get the most out of your daily brew with our sleek and convenient coffee waste bin. The Rhino Deluxe Knock Box is a must-have addition to your coffee routine, designed to make clean-up a breeze and keep your space tidy.

Crafted from heavy-duty materials, this knock box is built to last and can handle the rigors of daily use. Simply knock your used coffee grounds into the bin after brewing, keeping your filter basket clean and ready for your next cup.

The compact size of the knock box makes it easy to fit on your countertop or coffee station, saving you valuable space in your kitchen. The removable bar makes cleaning a easy, ensuring that your knock box stays fresh and odour-free for every use.

Say goodbye to messy countertops and hello to a clean and efficient coffee setup with the Rhino Deluxe Knock Box. Elevate your coffee experience with this essential tool that will streamline your daily routine and keep your space looking neat and organized.

Upgrade your coffee game today with the Rhino Deluxe Knock Box - the perfect accessory for any coffee lover.

Dimensions: 170mm (W) x 170mm (L) x 165mm (H)

Can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

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