The Rhinowares hand grinders were the very first product we designed and made at Rhinowares. I think we've sold every hand grinder on the market and knew the problems with hand grinders at the lower price range. So we designed our hand grinder with fixing these issues and keeping the price very attractive.

As we sell more and more we get feedback and user experience allows us to improve the grinder even more. But still maintain the price it was when we launched it 3 years ago.

So what new in v3?

  • - We improved the handle. We had instances where the plastic cap would break off. So we switched to all stainless steel. A really strong connection.
  • - Lid and bottom chamber now fit tighter. Whilst grinding with the grinder sometimes the lid would work loose and the bottom chamber would come loose. We added some ridges to the plastic piece that these slide over, tis gives more contact points and small tolerance.
  • - New burrs. The new burrs are harder, more durable.
  • - New packaging. As we redesign all the packing for the Rhinowares range. You will see smart new boxes for the grinders which will also include How to Use and Cleaning instructions.