Baratza 2 Year Warranty


Your standard warranty covers the cost of repair following a mechanical or electrical fault which stops the equipment working properly. The provision of this plan does not affect your statutory rights. This plan is governed by English law unless we have agreed otherwise with you. 


1. The validity period of your warranty is for 2yrs from the date of purchase of your grinder.  

2. This offer applies to new grinders only, purchased through approved Baratza stockists and does not apply to grinders purchased second hand or through private sales.  

3. The standard warranty is offered exclusively to the recipient at point of purchase.

a) Please note, if you sell your grinder during its standard warranty period this agreement of cover is not transferable to the new owner.

3. Cover only applies if the product remains in the U.K or Ireland for the duration of the warranty period.

4. During the entire period of cover you must be able to provide proof of purchase when requested by Coffee Hit Ltd or one of its agents.


1. Costs arising from you failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Costs covered by any other guarantee or warranty provided by other suppliers or repairers.

3. Costs arising from you using your equipment in a non-domestic or commercial environment.

4. Accidental damage, theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, damage or failure caused by fire or explosion.

5. Damage or failure caused by floods, lightening, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions.

6. Costs arising from any problems with the supply of electricity.

7. Costs if no fault is found with your equipment, including engineer call out or shipping charges

8. Routine maintenance, cleaning and servicing.

9. Labour charges for work outside the repairer’s normal working hours.

10. Costs arising from not being able to use your equipment or from damage caused when the equipment breaks down.

11. Cosmetic damage such as dents or scratches to the equipment.

12. The cost of replacing any item or accessory that is intended to be replaceable. These items include; fuses, batteries, bulbs, related starters, silicone gaskets, filters and attachments.

13. Cost due to rust, corrosion or water damage.

14. Cables, plugs, covers, hoppers and hopper covers.

Please note: . The service team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5pm, (excluding UK public holidays)


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