January 17, 2023 3 min read

Do you ever find yourself caught short with filter papers when you are desperate for a V60 brew?  Do you worry about the cost and the waste but love great tasting coffee?  Well, look no further; we have just the solution for you.

The Able Kone Mini is an engineered reusable filter that makes brewing coffee at home both sustainable and hassle-free.  The stainless steel filter fits perfectly inside the Hario V60 02 coffee maker.  Just a quick rinse of the Able Kone Mini is sufficient to clean it, as the classic single layer design prevents the build-up of oils and debris. 

The Able Kone Mini is portable so that you can make great tasting coffee on the move and fits perfectly inside the V60.

What is the V60 02 Coffee Maker?

The V60, made by Hario, delivers a perfect cup of coffee every time.  This pour-over coffee dripper is made of heat resistant porcelain or plastic and is shaped to even the spread of water, giving you excellent flow control to make a great brew. The cone is shaped at 60 degrees to allow you total freedom to create your perfect brew.  Simply pour the water quickly for a light flavour or slow pour for a richer brew.

This simple, beautifully engineered cone will allow you to make excellent coffee easily without the need for an expensive coffee machine. All you need is hot water, fresh coffee and a cup to stand it on. 

Start enhancing your coffee taste today. The Able Kone MiniIs available at £34.99 from Coffee Hit. 

Never Run Out Of Coffee Again!

If you love our products, why not pair the Able Kone Mini, with our new ranges of coffee to embark on a taste adventure every month with Coffee Hit's Coffee subscription service.

Coffee Hit has put together subscription plans designed to make it easier to have the best quality coffee delivered to your door, at a time that suits you. 

It's hassle-free and letterbox friendly; you can cancel or pause or skip at any time. There are no contracts.

The delivery is free, and if you find it's not for you, you cancel at any time

How Your Coffee Subscription Works

  1. Share–Tell us what you like, and we will choose delicious coffees each month tailored to your taste.
  2. Roast- Your handpicked coffees will be roasted fresh and delivered to your doorstep.
  3. Savour- Enjoy the most exciting new flavours from the UK's finest roasters.

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