January 17, 2023 3 min read

No matter whether you are an early riser and want to keep the noise levels down when enjoying your first brew of the day or are a regular traveller looking to enjoy your coffee blend away from home, a manual coffee grinder is a must have for every coffee lover’s equipment list. And, for anyone concerned that a manual grinder is just too much of a faff, we’re here to change your mind with the best manual coffee grinders in 2023.

Meet the Etzinger ETZ-1

The Etzinger ETZ-1 is an innovative bit of kit that has raised the bar for manual coffee grinders. Incorporating a long crank, it takes fewer turns to produce perfect grounds than traditional hand grinders.

The ETZ-1 incorporates an RRB-mechanism (Rotating Ring Burr) which use rotating hollow shafts to grind your beans. This design makes the grinder super easy to fill and clean (there are no screws or tools required to maintain it) and you can choose from 88 externally adjusted settings. With a magnetically attached lid and collection cup, designed to improve ease of use, and reduce the likelihood of spillage, this is a piece of precision engineering for your kitchen.

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The Rhino Small Hand Grinder; designed for AeroPress users

Designed with AeroPress users in mind, the Rhino Small Hand Grinder was created specifically to work in harmony with AeroPress Coffee Makers.

The small but mighty bit of kit slots into the top of the AeroPress chamber, enabling you to grind straight into your press. With its compact size and improved burr design, this manual grinder is perfect for anyone who likes to brew coffee at work or when on holiday. And, at just £39.99, it beats all other grinders at the same price point.

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Experience German engineering with the Comandante C40 Mk4

The Comandante C40 is an iconic manual grinder and the Mk4 version has incorporated smart science to make it even better. After years of dedicated lab research, the C40 Mk4 is now equipped with Nitro Blade which has made it the grinder of choice for World Brewers Cup champions.

You only have to read our reviews to see that the Comandate C40 Mk4 Nitro Blade is the perfect option for any setup. One reviewer commented, “A very well machined and manufactured manual coffee grinder. The quality and consistency of coffee it grinds is so noticeable if you are looking to upgrade your current basic grinder.” Another, similarly, has no regrets, “This is a well-built piece of kit and worth every penny. Its grinding consistency is brilliant it's solid, easy to use and clean. This will undoubtedly up your grinding game!”

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