January 17, 2023 3 min read

What is a cafetière?

Cafetière is the French word for a coffee pot. This simple, yet effective, coffee brewer is also commonly known as a French pressThe basic design is a pot or beaker with a mesh plunger, which forces hot water through the coffee grounds while separating them from the liquid.

Which coffee should I use for my cafetière or French press?

The most important ingredient for this type of brew is the same as for all variants of coffee – freshly ground, high quality roasted beans! Coffee beans begin to oxidate as soon as they are ground and make contact with the air. This reduces their flavour intensity and can make the ground coffee taste unpleasant over time. So, always use high grade coffee beans and grind them as you need them. We have an excellent range of manual coffee grinders that will give you great results, and also top-of-the-range electric grinders to choose from too.

The choice of bean is down to your taste in coffee! The French press method is very versatile so you can choose a darker roast or a medium or lighter option and vary the brew time and strength according to your wishes.

Grinding your coffee beans

For brewing in a cafetière, we would recommend that you grind your coffee to a medium result (particle size like coarse sea salt), or somewhere between medium and coarse (like peppercorns) if you want a chunkier grind consistency. By varying the grind size and the choice of beans, you’ll soon be preparing your very own signature brew in your kitchen, exactly how you like it. The local coffee shop will be quaking in its boots!

Consult the user manual of your coffee grinder to find out more about the settings and different grind consistencies. We’ve got some great recommendations for our top picks of grinders for cafetière use in our blog here.

Then just measure out your desired amount of freshly ground coffee, steep, plunge and sip. Easy, quick, super-fresh and bursting with aroma and rich flavour!

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