January 17, 2023 2 min read

Cold Brew coffee is one of the most misunderstood areas of coffee making – and we’re here to set the record straight so you can enjoy this sweet sensation whenever you want to, in the comfort of your own home.

Many mistakenly believe cold brew is iced coffee but, in fact, the two are very different – both in brewing technique and in flavour.

So what’s the difference?

Cold-brew is typically brewed using cold water over a few hours while iced coffee is brewed with hot.

So your cold brew coffee will taste very different to coffee brewed hot because of the chemical reaction when heat is applied to the grounds during the brewing process.

Cold-brew is often sweeter and smoother because of an absence of bitter-tasting compounds created when ground coffee is heated.

Why do we love cold brew coffee?

  • Cold brew coffee is really easy to make
  • It’s less acidic
  • It has a smoother, sweeter flavour
  • You can control the coffee strength by changing the steeping time and dilution

The Toddy Home Cold Brew System

For just £39.99 you can get a big batch of cold brew on the go with the Toddy home Cold Brew System. It’s easy to use and will get your fridge stocked with delicious cold brew coffee in no time.

Bruer Cold Brew System

If you’ve got a little more £ to spare – why not try the Bruer Cold Brew System – perfect for making up to 600ml of exquisite cold brew coffee in as little as 4 hours!

Puck Puck AeroPress Cold Brew

For just £29.99 you can turn your AeroPress into a genius cold brew drip tower – creating phenomenal cold brew wherever you go!

You know how much we love making great coffee simple for you. And it doesn’t get simpler than cold brew. Using a home cold brew system like these ones will get you brewing before you know it, and  you can a bottle of cold brew in the fridge ready to pour whenever you fancy it.