January 17, 2023 2 min read

Coffee hit - make great coffee at home

So how do you get a great tasting brew that matches up to coffee shop standard in the comfort of your own home?

First, get the right gear.

 Don’t panic - you don’t need a commercial brewer hogging your kitchen worktop to get your hands on a quality cappuccino. The best way is to replicate pro equipment but in miniature!

A good starting point is a home espresso machine, a home espresso grinder, milk pitcher, and tamper. That will get you started.

Great coffee takes a lot of practice. But that's half the fun. Exploring different coffees and tweaking your technique so you get it just how you like it.

Like any job or pursuit, when you have good tools, the job is easier and more fun!

At Coffee Hit we have the best barista tools for you. From Milk pitchers to tamp mats and cleaning gear to keep your equipment in like new condition. We only stock good quality equipment that aims to make great coffee simple for you.

Now when you want a Flat White or Decaf Latte it's just a short stroll to your kitchen.

Great coffee on a budget

If your aim is just to have a great coffee at home without breaking the bank, we have options for you too. This really could be an article in its own right – there’s so much to choose from.

Essentially, something like the Clever Coffee Dripper and a hand grinder and you can make a great cup of coffee. Just add milk or dairy free option and call it a latte! It will taste just as delicious!

Get fresh coffee

Finally, every self-respecting coffee shop grinds their coffee fresh to order – using great quality recently roasted coffee beans. Coffee is food – which means it has a shelf life and goes off, just like any other item of food.

So buy your coffee beans fresh and grind your coffee as you need it to enjoy the best coffee experience at home.

Want to take your coffee to the next level? Check out Coffee Hit’s coffee subscription service which delivers delicious coffees hand picked from the finest UK artisan roasters, direct to your doorstep.