January 17, 2023 2 min read

Fellow Atmos


Want to keep your coffee fresher for longer, while still being able to look upon your beans fondly in the process? Don’t we all… Well look no further because we’re kicking off the new year the best way we know how - with a restock of one of our best sellers - the Glass Fellow Atmos Coffee Storage Jars. These nifty pieces of kit will have you wondering how you ever got by without them.

But what makes them an essential part of every discerning coffee lover’s brewing station?

Fellow Atmos jars help prevent oxidation

Oxygen to coffee is like Kryptonite to Superman. It’s a bad mix and you don’t want them meeting. Once coffee is roasted it’s essentially under attack by the environment – everything from air, heat, moisture and other odours can alter the taste of your coffee.

And once a coffee bean comes into contact with oxygen it’s all downhill from there. The flavours and aromas begin to degrade – hence why your coffee is always packaged in vacuum-sealed bags. But once these are opened your precious beans are no longer safe… Now Fellow have designed a stylish way to avoid all of this.

Vacuum technology to prolong the life of your beans

With vacuum jars you can enjoy fresh-tasting coffee without the worry of it being disturbed by the elements.

Banish oxygen, moisture and odours from your most precious beans this 2022 by adding these containers to your collection. Simply twist the lid back and forth to suck out the air and you’ll have extended the shelf life of your coffee beans by up to 50% thanks to Fellow’s smart vacuum technology - making sure your beans  stand the test of time.

Three sizes to choose from

There are three different sized containers to choose from, depending on the amount of coffee you regularly consume. We have a limited amount of stock available in each.

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