January 17, 2023 2 min read

The age-old ‘mug’ or ‘glass’ question that plagues every coffee lover – should you enjoy your morning brew in a mug or in a glass – which is better, does it matter, and who decides? When all’s said and done, it really just boils down to a question of taste… No… Really… Because say hello to the new Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses

In Fellow’s own words – coffee has finally met its glass! 

Enjoying your favourite brew means being able to fully immerse yourself in all it has to offer – aroma, flavour, and those delectable notes of chocolate and nut or was it citrus and mango? With the Fellow Tasting Glasses you’ll be able to do just that. 

Tasting notes you can actually taste. 

They’ve been designed with the sole intention of demystifying tasting notes. Yes, your coffee packaging tells you that you’re drinking a brew with notes of blueberry and ripe fig, but what good is that if you can’t taste it yourself? Sipping from these glasses means you’re making use of their most distinguishing feature – its flared lip delivers the coffee to your entire palate, allowing you to taste and enjoy the full spectrum of flavours your coffee has to offer. 

Hand blown from borosilicate and double-walled for both insulation and comfort to the touch, these have been lovingly designed with your morning brew in mind. And as they’re sold as a pair, you enjoy the unparalleled enjoyment of a coffee-tasting adventure with someone special!

So delay no more - discover a whole new world of coffee while musing over the fact you’ve finally found an answer to every coffee lover’s question – mug or glass – well, glass, obviously.

Get your Fellow Stagg Tasting Glasses here.



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