January 17, 2023 2 min read

The biggest coffee party on earth has drawn to a close for another year. And what a party it was! 

After months of anticipation, the London Coffee Festival was back with a bang for 2022, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The Truman Brewery was abuzz once again with the sounds of coffee enthusiasts appreciating the humble bean in all its forms. 

Whether you were a beginner on your specialty coffee journey or a seasoned professional, there was something for everyone to wrap their hands around. From magnificent machinery with La Marzocco to CBD-infused water, turmeric lattes, ice cream sandwiches, and pints galore – yes, the alcoholic type - after all, you can’t be in a brewery and not have a beer, right? Dare we say it – coffee wasn’t the only thing getting people excited. 

Three days of great coffee gear and even better coffee

With our shelves stacked high, crowds were clamouring to get their hands on gear from some of the finest brands – including BaraztaFellowBrewista, and Comandante, to RhinoBonavita, and Caffetto. And we thought what better way to christen the newest addition to our electric grinder family - the Vario W+ - than by putting it to work grinding front and centre on our stand. It didn’t fail to catch the eye of the passing crowds.

But phenomenal coffee gear would be nothing without exceptional coffee to go with it. So if you enjoyed a delicious brew at the show and want to be sure you can replicate it at home – below are the coffee brands we stocked from some of the UK’s finest artisan roasters:

But the highlight for us? 

Sharing in our love of cafe-quality coffee, made simple, with so many of you. 

There’s nothing quite like being able to physically show people what we consider to be the best coffee and gear in the business and watch their eyes light up! Yes – the thought of mediocre brews being a thing of the past is enough to make anyone dizzy with excitement as you show them the simple steps to coffee heaven.

And that’s exactly what we believe – that no one should have to compromise on coffee

So, it’s goodbye to the London Coffee Festival for another year. 

And to everyone who picked up a discount code (you lucky things), we can’t wait to see what you choose.

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