January 17, 2023 3 min read

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new grinder and have focused solely on electric for ease of use, you might want to think again.

While there are plenty of great handheld grinders for home use, many choose electric for the speed and convenience they bring. Now there’s a manual grinder that offers the speed and ease of an electric, with the benefits of a manual grinder. Meet the Etzinger etz-I,our newest addition to our collection of coffee hand grinders.

Introducing theEtzinger etz-I manual grinder         

From the burr manufacturer who brought us the infamous Baratza Sette, this hand grinder doesn’t disappoint. Etzinger has simplified manual grinding not just by ease of use but by focusing on the central component of every grinder – the burrs. Based on their RRB (Rotating Ring Burr) mechanism with its AS-Jig that was first introduced with the Sette, they’re setting new standards for manual grinding. With a fresh new design available in both Regular and Trim, a retractable crank with ergonomic handle, a magnetically attached lid, and collection cup, as well as a single piece absolute vernier scale, this grinder doesn’t miss a trick.

Manual grinding made easy

You don’t just get a brilliant build, though – the Etzinger etz-I brings incredible speed to the table too. Its longer crank means it takes less turns to get the same amount of coffee as with other manual grinders. Worried about cleaning? Don’t be. Opened with a flick of the wrist (literally), it’s easily cleaned and reassembled without any tools or screws – and thanks to the external vernier scale (an identical point of reference for all grinders), it’s even easier to adjust and return to your preferred settings after cleaning.

But it’s not all function over style here. Beautifully constructed from aluminum with branding and grind markers etched into the surface, the Ertzinger etz-I gives off the feel of a premium and high-quality piece of kit – you’ll be proud to have this stand out on your kitchen counter. For £249, this precision piece of engineering is a steal.

So whether you prefer filter or espresso, if you want to keep your grind top-notch without overcomplicating it, trust the ones who brought us the Sette! We promise you’ll want to try this grinder!

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