January 17, 2023 2 min read

A quick search online for coffee grinders and you will see there is a LOT to choose from.

When deciding on a coffee grinder for your home the first decision is to whether choose a manual grinder or electric grinder.

Hand Grinder


  • Small and compact
  • Quiet
  • Less likely to breakdown


  • It's a mini workout
  • If making coffee for more than one can be tough on your arms!
  • Grind particle size can vary widely

Electric Grinder


  • Easy, turn on and go
  • Improved coffee particle size 
  • Easy to adjust grind settings from espresso to french press


  • Noisy, may wake up everyone in the house!
  • Tricky to clean
  • Can break down

After considering the above, we will highlight some great options for your choice.

Hand Grinder Choices

Rhino Coffee Gear Hand Grinder

For the money this the best grinder available. It overcomes a lot of the problems of grinders under £40. its tight-fitting burrs which means the grind particles are much more uniform. It has a stainless steel handle and chamber for sturdy operation. Strong ceramic burrs mean they stay sharper longer.


Comandante Nitro Blade Hand Grinder

This is German engineering bought to a hand coffee grinder. Super-precision burrs will make grinding your coffee a pleasure. A very satisfying twirl as you turn the handle. Ultra-sharp grinding blades will last forever. If you want the best then this is it.

Electric Grinder Choices

Baratza Encore

We know this is more expensive than some of the £50-£100 grinders you will see in department stores, but the extra £50-£70 will repay for many years. Using steel conical burrs means the grinding is faster and more consistent than cheaper models. Also, a bigger motor means more power. Cheaper models will struggle to grind for espresso, they simply lack the power and the burrs are too small. Not for the Encore. A great choice for the home.

Baratza 270

The 270 model gives a much wider range of grind settings. If you grind primarily for espresso you will want at least the Baratza 270. Espresso grinding is harder than other ways of coffee as the coffee grinds have to so small and uniform. The Baratza 270 has no problem with this. And with its 270 settings, you can find the precise setting for your particular espresso machine.

Baratza 270Wi

The king of the home grinder. this grinder offers all the versatility you could ask for. You want espresso but your friend wants a filter brew. Its no problem with the Wi. It features ultra-precise grind by weight. With memory settings for 3 weights, you can save your espresso grind (say 19g), save your filter brew (say 30g) and then a quick Aeropress brew (say 13g). it can do it all to a couple of tens of a gram. With zero retention you can change the grind setting with no purging or cleaning out.

We hope the little guide has helped you choose your next grinder. We have a more comprehensive guide here to help you decide which grinder is best for you.As always if you have questions drop us a message or chat with us if we're on online.