January 17, 2023 2 min read

There are a few different elements to look for when choosing a new coffee grinder.

Grind Quality 

You buy a bag of awesome whole coffee beans from your favourite roaster, and now you need to crush them. This is where your choice of coffee grinder will be the difference between an OK cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee.

The first thing to look for is the burrs. This is the cutting mechanism that will grind your beans ready to brew. You want to avoid coffee grinders with blades. It's basically a blender in disguise. It will cut your coffee into tiny shards rather than crush your beans into a powder-like form.

We always recommend you look for burr grinders. Burr grinders will crush your coffee into a uniform size, giving you a much better-tasting cup of coffee. The Comandante Hand Grinder has some of the best conical burrs we’ve ever seen on a grinder, and years of research have gone into its design to produce world-class grind performance. 

The Baratza Sette 30 is another excellent conical burr grinder. In this machine, the outer burrs spin, and the inner burrs are fixed, resulting in a fast grind that gives you double the efficiency of similarly-sized devices. 

Ease of Use 

If you are just starting out with home-brewed coffee or don’t have much time on your hands, you might find it more important to invest in a grinder that suits your time and skill level.

Some grinders will weigh everything for you and grind. Or you may like the idea of using a little bit of muscle power and no wires or cables. The Etzinger etzMAN is one of our top picks for its ease of use; you simply set the weight, turn the crank and enjoy! 


Good electric coffee grinders aren't cheap, so hand grinders can be an excellent place to start. There are some great hand grinders under £50.

The Rhino Coffee Gear Tall Hand Grinder is a quality, conical burr hand grinder that gives you great control and consistent grind size. At £49.99, it is also our pick for Best Cheap Coffee Grinder for Under £50

There are still some very affordable electric grinders, like one of our bestsellers, the Baratza Encore, which we chose as our Best Budget Electric Grinder for 2022. The Baratza Encore is not only affordable but also the go-to grinder for beginners to home brewing. 

If you want to find out more about our picks for the best grinders, you can check out our favourites in our guide to the best grinders of 2022. 

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